Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Who's YOUR avatar? (What the heck is an avatar?)

Who's your avatar?

So . . .  I am taking an online class for writers. The instructor told us to develop an avatar---a very specific individual who is your target reader. She said inventors of the first iphone did that... and the phone sold well because their target, or avatar, did buy it, and buyers did match her profile, and extended beyond that.  think that's what she said. Obviously, the phone sold well. 

 My book-in-progress, O'Connor's Honor, has the following reader: She's 50, empty-nested, college-educated, well-read, with many hobbies and interests, always ready to learn something new. She drives a Honda electric car, is an ecclectic dresser, and an animal lover, especially dogs. Can't bear the thought of animal cruelty. Loves quilts. 

 She's a good friend and neighbor, passionate about the environment, loves Fleetwood Mac, Celtic music, the Kingston Trio, most folk music, classical music (not country western), is a beginning yoga (at home) student. She's intuitive and tired of cooking. Formerly, she was a soccer mom, PTA president, and Cub Scout Leader. 

Loves art, especially watercolors. Loves the theater and traveling. Wishes she'd done theater in school and community when she was younger. Her bucket list includes NOT skydiving, but more travel and a large oil painting by a local artist she's been lusting after (the painting, not the artist). She wonders if she has/had any artistic talent (painting or sculpting), regrets not staying with childhood piano lessons. 

Hates politics but cares deeply about her country. Writes letters commending exceptional service by store employees, also writes letters of complaint to CEOs when she feels treated unjustly. She's outgoing. Has health issues to manage. Hates New Years Resolutions. Loves old classic movies and books, is selective about contemporary books and movies. 

Loves libraries and bookstores. Has a dry sense of humor. She wonders what she's accomplished in the long run. She embraces her spirituality but has her doubts. She wears sensible shoes. She may or may not know where her car keys are. I know, in some slight way, she may or may not resemble me, but my story resonates with me, so that's how I picture my avatar. Forgot to mention she's happily married and a grandma.


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