Monday, January 6, 2014

Our latest trip to Finland part one

  Q & A

Our Trip to Finland Part One

We travel to Finland about twice a year. Our son married a Finn and they have two children, so we get to visit this beautiful country when we see their beautiful family. 

 First, the Answers:

1    1 )      1
2    2 )      What Mr. J said to a Finnish gentleman in the hotel elevator
3    3 )      What Mr. J said after the Finnish gentleman exited the elevator
4    4 )      An inch and a half
5    5 )      228 but who’s counting?
6    6 )      1 ½ hours
7    7 )      3 hours
8    8 )      9 hours
9     9)    3 hours
1    10)   9 hours
1    11)   At least twice a day (depends on who you ask)
1    12)   Every time we came to their house

And now the Questions:

1          1)      Number of fuses I blew at the hotel
2)      “No speak Finnish.”
3)      (Whacks self on forehead) “Why did I say that?”
4)      How thick was the mattress on the bed?
5)      Number of times I sang “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” to granddaughter
6)      The drive from home to the airport
7)      Length of flight--Salt Lake City to Chicago
8)      Length of flight---from Chicago to Helsinki
9)      Length of drive---from Helsinki to Jyvaskyla
10)   The time difference in Finland vs. USA
11)    Number of times Mr. J stalled the standard shift rental car
      12)    Grins on grandchildren’s faces


Tayla said...

Isn't that how all vacations go? You stall the car (and then the car stalls you) and the mattress always feels like it was made for fairies.
Adorable pictures.
I hope you had fun on your trip! =D

Pam Williams said...

Even the good times are full of stresses. We'll be together in St. Geo. next month for baby blessing. Looking forward to good times and stresses of it.