Friday, December 20, 2013

Who will be the Utahn of 2013?

From the Salt Lake Tribune: A fascinating list of the good, the bad and the ugly in Utah this year---representing a diverse group of Utahns, for sure. I wonder if they shouldn't have had a "naughty" and "nice" list, as the nominees can be clearly classified. There are some days I'm really proud to live in Utah, and I think it's a wonderful state with incredible people and resources. Then someone from Utah does something stupid or awful and I cringe and I'm hoping everyone isn't judging Utah by that person's behavior. 

About this list: I hope Redford gets an Oscar. He's a great citizen of the state and deserving of the accolade. And of course he's the founder of the Sundance Film Festival...

I do think the beavers whose dam prevented a major oil spill onto protected, delicate wetlands deserve some sort of honor. Maybe an extra treat (what do beavers like to eat, I wonder?) They had to be carefully rehabilitated from the effects of the spill, and relocated so they can do what beavers do best: build a dam. 

Take a look at this list. There are some remarkable individuals on it. Some not so remarkable. Those are the cringeworthy ones I was talking about. 

Maybe the Utahn of the year lives next door to me, quietly going about doing what they do best. They may not be famous at all, but I think the Everyman and Everywoman should get a nod, too. 

Here's the list. Who would you vote for?

Who should be the 2013 Utahn of the Year?

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And I like to remember that the east and west railroads were joined not far from my home, at Promontory Point, in 1869. You could actually take a train from coast to coast. What a boon to the country. The occasion was marked with a spike made of gold. After the ceremony the spike was removed for safekeeping and is on display somewhere....and a regular one was put in its place. 

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