Thursday, November 15, 2012

Read to me, Grandma!

Two years ago I saw a TV commercial advertising Hallmark recordable storybooks and I was hooked. The magic of a child opening a book and hearing "recorded for Jenny by Grandma . . . " was enough to convince.So, for two years we've been buying and recording them for our grandchildren. We've also bought some for our sons to record - #1 and #2, for their own children, and #3, as their uncle. 

I finally had to replace Good Night, Moon recently, as it had been so well-loved (and partially eaten), that it didn't work anymore. 

(disclaimer: This is not a commercial for Hallmark recordable storybooks and I am not being paid a fee to endorse them. Watch for after-holiday sales, when holiday-themed books can be bought at a greatly reduced price.)

When we Skype (which also presents a great opportunity to read aloud to children, and it's free), our granddaughter will find the books we've recorded and flip through them, so we can see them, as if to say, "I know you, and here's the book you gave me." 

To see the children loving these books is well worth the price - - - - recordable storybooks are on the pricey side. 

There are other ways to make this experience happen - as I mentioned, Skype offers many possibilities we haven't even thought about, and anyone with a video setting on their digital camera, or a cell phone, could record you reading a children's book.The video file can be sent to the recipient by cell phone or email instantly. Done. Like that. And with their own copy of the book, the children can follow right along. Or you could burn the video file to a CD for the child. Many children know how to play a CD by themselves. 

Years ago, we recorded my parents reading to my children on audiocassette. We still have the cassettes somewhere. They are precious and I'm glad to have them. 

No matter how we read to children and grandchildren, whether we live close by or thousands of miles apart, it's a wonderful gift to give. This picture says it all. 

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