Friday, November 30, 2012

Please tell the deer to cross in safer places.

This is a hilarious story. Donna actually thought the signs could be moved so the deer would know to cross the roads in safer places. She just couldn't understand why deer crossings were established on busy roads. Surely they could be moved to smaller towns where traffic is lighter or slower . . . . Later, in a follow-up story you can also view on youtube, she called the radio station and explained that she now understands . . . well, that she had not understood that deer crossing signs are actually posted for people. To warn us to watch for deer. But now Donna owns this. She's a brave lady and a good sport. She wondered now, because of all the attention it's gotten, some of which hasn't been too comfortable for her,  if the radio station might  . .  "take it down." Donna. When something has gone viral on the internet . . . it takes on a life of its own. I'm afraid you're going to be famous for a long time, sweetie. The radio station said they'd send you a "Deer Lady" t-shirt, so they must be making a little money off of them. So, hey, So - - -- maybe you should design and sell your own. Just sayin.'

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