Friday, March 30, 2012

A Blog Hop for Charity

The charity I choose to support is Bridgerland Literacy. It's a local organization that has helped many individuals to learn to read - - a skill that is priceless. Bridgerland Literacy changes lives, one at a time, and I'm proud to be a literacy tutor. 

How you can win a free book:
Simply leave a post on my blog between March 30 - April 4. 
and tell me what reading means to you. 

The winner will receive a signed copy of Don't You Marry the Mormon Boys
and another fine book of my choice. 


Chris Ayres said...

Reading to me means more than understanding a written message. In my limited life and way to see the world, I see reading as the bridge to a knowledge that I seek. With or without the goal of finding deep understanding of a material and critique, reading brings me more of the precious we have on people. I love readind.

Great blog, Janet!

Charissa said...

Reading is my escape and relaxation! Depending on the book, it is how I explore other worlds and characters, and find out more about myself in the process! I LOVE it!

Janet Kay Jensen said...

Chris and Charissa, can you contact me via email with your mailing addresses?

Love both of your blogs!

Charissa said...

I'm enjoying your blog too. When I find a good one, it's like finding a really cool seashell on the beach. It just makes me happy. I'll email you right now. thanks.