Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Lost and Found Department

Down to the final four

Random and disorganized observations about where we are prior to the finale:

Anybody seen a production of Agatha Christie's "Ten Little Indians?" 10 guests all invited to a country home, they're not sure why, and one by one, they disappear/are disposed of/whacked? Seems like what's happening on Lost. There are a lot of characters who need endings. I guess that's one way to do it. Now, in terms of our original survivors, it appears we're down to 4 little Indians.

As to Widmore . . . I would have liked to see a "Jacob convinces Widmore of the error of his ways" episode. Chuck just threw that little nugget in and then Ben shot him before we could really figure out if it was true, and there was no emotion in that scene at all. Just "bang, you're dead." I know the writers don't have time to devote to all the loose ends, but still . . .

Sun and Jin - tender but rushed . . . Ditto on Jin and Sun's reunion and deaths . . . . they deserved a little more buildup and payoff, or we did, on their behalf, and both events were so quick. I don't like to think of Ji Yeung with those grandparents. Grammy and the matchmaker will try to marry her off young to a Harvard MBA. What if she wants to be a marine biologist?

Interesting that the sideways flashbacks show the characters having memories of the island that they don't understand.

Aye . . . I might just add . . . Des is one smooth, suave Scotsman. We've never seen this side of him before. Interesting that Des is the fail-safe. We must see Des and Penny united with little Charlie. Please.

Who's the mum?OK, who is Penny's mum? Who is David's mum? (I'm wondering, could Sarah have had Jack's child after she left him? She seemed to remarry quickly . . . )

I really liked Charlotte. She had an intimate connection to the island . . . will we know what it was? She says she was born on it, etc. I'd like some closure on that. Just a sentence or two, please.

Dr. Linus . . . Did anybody else notice that Alex was wearing "Dorothy" braids and a gingham shirt? As in the Wizard of Oz? That could not have been coincidental. I liked seeing Rousseau as a sane person and the scenes with Ben were touching. Love the way he reminds people (to their backs when they're walking away from him) . . "It's DR. Linus. . . . actually." Guess that Ph.D. didn't quite get him the respect he'd like. But it was nice for us to see his decent side.

Sideways Jack . . . and Bernard makes dentures . . . Sorry to see that Sideways Jack seems to believing more in science than fate . . . thought his pendulum might have swung a bit.  Especially since meeting Claire and learning she's his sister, and meeting so many people that were on his flight, including Bernard. Loved that cameo.

John's Daddy complex . . .Whoa, Anthony Cooper came to a sad end. Can't figure out why John loved him. Was there no kidney exchange in the sideways world? Perhaps they had a relationship that was much more lengthy and complex, as Helen wanted "your parents" invited to their wedding.

Richard's story .  . . So much more to know . . . Richard went up in a puff of smoke, didn't he? Hope that's not the last we see of him - his story does need a wrap-up.

Ben's weak side . . . "You can have the whole island." Well, Flocke certainly knows how to woo Ben.

Flock gets gruesome award . . . Gruesome watching Flocke casually wipe the blood of his knife after offing Zoe.

Sawyer's enlightenment: sarcastic to the end, and we love it . . . Loved Sawyer's "why do I gotta be punished for your mistakes?" question and Jacob confronting the remaining survivors with "you were flawed, all of you. You were alone and looking for something, just like me. You needed the island as much as the island needed you." And that Kate's redemption, if she chose not to run the island, was fulled in becoming a mother. Tender concept. LOL at Sawyer's remark about Jack's "God complex." We need a bit of sarcasm to lighten things up, but we all know Sawyer didn't really mean it.

Some punch!
What the heck was in the Latin-blessed Kool-aid that Jack drank?

Irrelevant/contrived, coulda done without . . . Looking back, we could have done without the "where did Jack get his tattoos?" episode as it really wasn't substantial and was a diversion frorm the main storylines. Also, spider-stunned Nikki and Paulo being buried alive was deliciously shivery, but the buildup to that didn't need to take a whole episode.

Letting go  . . . .
Loved that Des was delivering message to John (the old Locke) to "let go." Recurring theme, interesting repetitions of that with Jack and Locke, and John's suicide note: I wish would believe in me," that Jack again repeated when discussing possible surgery for Locke. Loved old Locke feeling a spiritual connection and not shrugging it off to coincidence: "maybe you're supposed to fix me."

It was shivery to hear Des tell the former prisoners that Ana Lucia wasn't coming with them because "she's not ready yet." Gives some credibility to Widmore's conversion to a good guy. Still, I'm not sure.

Hurley's Hummer
Hurley!That Hummer is not politically correct! Get a Honda!

Viewed from the fishbowl . . .
And why was the last line uttered by Flocke: "I'm going to destroy the island" ? We have seen a glimpse of it under water . . . eerily under water. Vision of what actually will happen? Or what could happen if nobody took charge, or if Smokey got his way?

Sub sinks, plane's loaded (with C4) . . . Yes! Sawyer took responsibility for the sub blowing up. Then Jack (nobly) said, "You didn't kill them. He did." We'll never know if it would have blown up or not, but that is a question that doesn't really need answering. Well, I'm sure Sawyer would like to know, but thath's not relevant for me at the moment. Beautifully set up. Flocke was after them, would have trapped them in another way, so HOW didn't matter.

Widmore loaded the plane with explosives? Flocke wasn't lying? I assumed he had done it. What?????

Other pieces . . . Where does Claire fit in? And Aaron? We know Michael's fate, and Waaaalt (!) is too happy in his prep school to be yanked back to the island. OK, I can buy that.

Lost: the next generation
Will Je Yeung, Aaron and David all get together for a reunion and form a club someday?
That is, if they're all real? No, I don't want a sequel. Please, no.

You're all looking at your watches . . . Class, please discuss. Submit your reports to Vincent no later than Friday. Speaking of Vincent, since we all know he's a she, would it have been cool for a litter of puppies to appear on the island?

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