Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Christmas list of intangibles

The most important items on my list are beyond Santa's ability to provide. They include:

1. Peace on earth, good will toward men. That covers everything on the national, international and neighborhood front.

2. Stronger family ties. I'm seeing that happen in baby steps in our family, and I love it.

3. Some extra blessings and comfort for my daughter-in-law who is facing medical challenges. We love you, and have faith that all will eventually be well.

4. Some graduations! #3 will graduate this month and will be job-hunting in electrical engineering/computer science. We're proud of you!

#2 son should finish his second master's degree within the next year. His coursework is completed except for thesis. A special request that his Finnish language skills will be judged sufficient for the job market (he's very competent in conversational speech but knows he makes grammatical errors), or, that he is employed in a job that requires English as a first language. We're proud of you, too, #2, for embracing a new culture and language!

#1 graduates from medical school this spring. He is headed toward residency (interviewing as we speak) and we hope he'll be matched with a setting that's ideal for him. We love ya, #1, and are 100 % behind you as you continue your studies. You are also a wonderful dad.

5. For my old high school friend: I think he could really use some comfort and hope. Please send a large dose of both. I know he'd appreciate it.

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