Monday, December 7, 2009

Hey, Santa,

If Santa reads my blog, and I'm sure he does, here's my Christmas list:

1) PLEASE move the 10 1/2 foot blue harlin fish (caught by #2 in ) to the garage. Downstairs, by the bed, I'm afraid it will:
   a) scare Darling Granddaughter
   b) poke someone's eye out (that's quite a long, pointed snout) even though there is a red foam ball on it.

It can safely go in the garage. Over the stairway. Besides, it will give a thrill to anyone driving by when the garage door is raised. And why have a trophy if you can't impress people with it? Why does The Fish live here, you ask? Because its owner lives in Finland. It would be extremely expensive and difficult to ship The Fish there, and I think the owner's wife would send it right back. I wouldn't blame her.

2) I would like a HUGE MAGNETIC WHITE BOARD. A white board helps me with plots and important "to do" items. Plus, the bottom half would be reserved for Darling Granddaughter, for her magnetic letters and dry-erase markers. No wall space, you say? It can be propped in front of the book cases. I can picture it now.

3) A really great desk chair that's therapeutic for my spine.

4) A mat to go under it as the present one is falling apart.

5) A publishing contract would be very nice.

Our family's favorite oatmeal cookies will be waiting for you, with a glass of milk.

Thank You!

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