Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Book Review: Saving Madeline by Rachel Ann Nunes

Saving Madeline, best-selling author Rachel Ann Nunes's latest romantic suspense novel, takes us into the world of Caitlin McLoughlin, a hard-working and dedicated defense attorney who grapples with daily challenges and conflicts in her professional life while keeping a firm and protective grip on her private life. Devoted to the needs of her beloved sister, who will always require a caretaker, and to her work, Caitlin hardly has a moment for a personal life, much less a serious relationsip. Yet she longs to have it all: her career, marriage, and eventually a family of her own.

Enter Parker Hathaway, Caitlin's new client, whose love and concern for his young daughter dictate his actions in all matters of her well-being. Caitlin struggles to honor and uphold her sworn duties as an officer of the court as she also marshals all her personal and professional tools in an attempt to control the risks her client will take to protect his daughter Madeline. Yet Parker is unpredictable and always one step ahead of her.

Caitlin soon finds herself in a quandary as she becomes increasingly attracted to her client: can she deal with the consequences of her deepening feelings for Parker? Would she be willing to put her career on the line in order to consider a future with him? Will she even consider breaking the law to be with this conflicted, passionate man, whose unquestioned loyalty for his loved ones puts him at odds with the duties and principles of her profession, about which Caitlin is just as passionate? The title of this book could easily be Saving Caitlin, as she struggles with her conscience, her loyalties and her ethics, as well as her growing feelings for Parker, which she cannot deny.

Saving Madeline also serves as a sober reminder that society's innocents, those who have the least power among us, are often those who are most in need of a voice, especially when they are the helpless victims of parental drug abuse. Dedicated and compassionate professionals like the fictional Caitlin McLoughlin and her real-life counterparts continue to be vigilant on their behalf, but protecting these children is a responsibility no one in our society can shirk.

-reviewed by Janet Jensen

Saving Madeline, a novel
by Rachel Ann Nunes
Shadow Mountain, 2009
321 pages

Available at Deseret Book, Seagull Book, and amazon.com

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Author Rachel Ann Nunes

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Cami Checketts said...

I really enjoyed this story, but agree it was a "sobering reminder" of the responsibility we all have to protect the children.
Thanks for the review,