Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Look, Ma!

Though the needs prompting my retention as a blog editor were not to extend beyond the scope of a simple, "look ma" video post, I find this to be a unique opportunity to plant a "naughty word" (or two), embarrass "the hell" out of my mother, and write a brief "mother's day" note (which is necessarily belated on account of an infeasible schedule).

Janet K. Jensen is a thief. She quietly embezzled family funds to support my technology habit; for the rest of her life, she must reconcile that, in part, she enabled my furious pursuit of a masters in electrical engineering from Berkeley. Many circuit boards have melted as a direct result of her actions.

As I writer, I encourage her to be more indulgent, even edgier, though it may not agree with social norms. I have little doubt that she will find success, as long as she continues to take the necessary risks.

As a mother, I encourage her to send more oatmeal cookies by mail.

As a person, I encourage her to laugh as often as possible, even if she is the only one laughing, because every once in a while, she'll get ya. You should ask her about how she met my father at Woodstock. (She will exaggerate, however, on the duration for which I was confused.)

Oh, yeah, the "look ma" moment that prompted this whole discussion:

I once poked at Miles that he should join me for my next endeavor, to which he replied that Janet would be a more likely candidate. I could only agree, though only from a standpoint of probability, and not expectation. Of course, Janet is flattered by those who read her blog, and I suspect that, especially in light of Geroge H. Bush's willingness to plunge into the air on several occasions, Janet may be swayed by the masses. She will need a little nudging from her devoted readers. I suggest a friendly e-mail encouraging her to take to the blue skies.

I love you Mom, and happy Mother's Day!

- Jeff


Michele Ashman Bell said...

Great post! I actually said "woo-hoo" out loud when Jeff made that perfect landing.

Janet Kay Jensen said...

I don't care WHO has stepped out of a plane and into nothingness. . . . maybe, if I were tethered to someone with experience, I could die in their arms on the way down!

Thanks for the post, love ya, too, and remember, "Frank, don't do that!"

Melanie said...

First, may I request to be put on Janet's oatmeal cookie mailing list:) Second, parents learn early on they get more pleasure watching and living vicariously through their children. We don't want to upset the balance of the universe. Stay grounded and secretly fund your children as they soar sonfident they can only do it because you've successfully fueled their engines.(Next time leave the nitro out of this one's!)

JoLynne Lyon said...

I love it! So Janet, when are you going sky diving?