Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Lost" is back!

So.....Loved Hurley's one-breath summary of Seasons 1-4, but now that he's spilled the beans (I love it that Hurley can't lie) will his Mum keep mum? I mean, at next week's bridge club, can't you just hear it? "Oh, no, dear, that wasn't Hurley on the news. I mean, it was, yes, he was standing on the balcony with a gun in his hand, but he didn't kill those bad men. In fact, he's just told me what really happened on that island, heaven help us. And if you promise not to breathe a word of this to anyone, if you swear on this statue of the Virgin Mary my boy brought home with him, isn't it odd that it's hollow, well, anyway, when the plane crashed..." And then her partner forgets what's trump and they lose the game. I mean, it could happen.

Loved Hurley's line: "Dude, I've been talkin' to dead people for 2 years. I don't wanna add paranoia to that."

Fun to see Desmond's silver-haired friend from an earlier "you can't change fate" episode. She's the one who tried to talk Des out of buying an engagement ring for Penny . . .

And there was Ana Lucia! (LOL, one commmentary said SHE's a great one to give driving advice, referring to some DUI trouble some of the actors have had in Hawaii). "Oh, and Libby says hi," she tells Hurley before propping her shades back on the bridge of her nose and then evidently just disappearing, as people are known to do on this show with great regularity.

Wonder who else will show up that we haven't seen for a while.

And who's behind the blood tests for Kate and Aaron?

Sun and Kate meet. What's Sun's agenda?

Is Widmore the villain in all of this? Is he the biggest and the baddest dude who's been orchestrating all this bad luck? Is he the man behind the curtain? We know he wants the island and everything on it, and we know he wants to keep Des and Penny apart, but is he masterminding everything?

Ben is much, much scarier than Widmore. Dude. He's even sweet-talked Jack into believing him.

And is Sayid's hit list composed of the people who may have been responsible for Nadia's death? If so, did he just take Ben's word for it? Too bad he's been whacking the guys on Ben's list, because in Season One Sayid wanted to change his ways (no more torturing people, etc.)

Those flame-dart thingies were certainly scary, as if our time-travelers weren't scared enough already. But the really whiney guy, the one with lots of teeth who taunted poor Bernard for not being a good Boy Scout (Bernard was a dentist in his other life, remember? He could have given Whiney Guy a root canal sans novacaine, Whiney Guy was that irritating), but - well, I'd never wish that flaming death on anybody.I won't miss him. I mean Whiney Guy. I would miss Bernard. And Rose. Their story is so sweet, and their relationship so tender, when they're not having a normal little tiff. I mean, those two are obviously so devoted. They may be the most normal regular-type folks on the island.

Did you notice that Sawyer borrowed a shirt from a guy who is, like, 4 sizes smaller? I think it was Whiney Guy. But the shirt fit Sawyer. Now if he could just find some shoes.

I think I understand what the Losties who came home (the Oceanic Six plus Ben and John Locke aka Jeremy Bentham) are trying to do, but I got a little confused about the folks who are left on the island. It's not so much what as when, if you get the drift of it (pun intended).


Class, please discuss.


Karlene said...

I absolutely LURVE Lost. It just better not end up as Hurley's dream (ala Dallas, if you're old enough to remember that).

Janet Kay Jensen said...

I do remember Dallas, but can't connect Hurley's dream with it . . . you'll have to enlighten me.


Karlene said...

I meant that I'd be really ticked if the very last episode has Hurley waking up and discovering the whole plane crash/island experience was a dream.

Janet Kay Jensen said...

Karlene: Oh, duh! You mean Bobby stepping out of the shower and the whole previous episode was a bad dream? Yikes. But there have been some theories that all of the Losties are really dead . . . what a letdown that would be!

However, I don't follow that line of thinking. Not after the last season or so. Plus, I don't think these writers would do that to us.

Some characters do reappear after we've been led to think they're dead, so I have to give them some leeway there . . . I wouldn't be totally surprised if spider-bite victims Nikki and Paulo show up sometime, wiping dirt out of their eyes and mouths, and digging for the diamonds . . . that was a shivery Twilight Zone type of event, wasn't it, when they were buried alive?

I don't even like horror movies. So go figure. I couldn't watch the Friday night scary movie, whatever that was called. And NEVER when I was babysitting. I'm a wimp.


Anonymous said...

Hi Neighbor! I stumbled on to a website for your book and wound up here! It has been a long time since I have seen you, but I wanted to leave you a comment, and I'll even ask a few questions about LOST!
First, who was the woman in the butcher's shop? And does anyone know who the gray-haired woman was at the end of the show? Was that Desmond's mother?

Kathleen Richman

Janet Kay Jensen said...

Hey, Kathleen, it's great to hear from you! And I really like your blog. So unique and creative. The videos you've posted are a hoot.

Well, about "Lost", the silver-haired lady at the end who said "God help us all" (if everybody doesn't make it back to the island on time) is the one Desmond bought Penny's engagement ring from - the ring he ended up throwing in the River Thames.

She's also the one who sat by Des while he warned a man about imminent danger and saved his life. Then, a few minutes later, something from a construction site fell on the man and killed him . . . . and the silver-haired lady said "it was his time to die. You can't change fate."

And I think, in the store, she said something to the effect that Des would never marry Penny (say it ain't so!). Before that, she was a stranger to him. I don't think we know anything about his family.

And the lady at the butcher shop - that was all new to me. Maybe they just offer cold storage for Ben's . . . er . . . . friends, so to speak. That was a twist, to be sure. Maybe his order for meat was a code word?

Keep in touch! Thanks so much for finding me!


Janet Kay Jensen said...

Hey, there is speculation that the silver-haired lady is indeed Desmond's mom. Maybe he doesn't know it. Stranger things happen. I like to go here to read about Lost:,,1550612,00.html

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link, and for your ideas on the mysterious women!

Take Care,


Shirlene said...

Loved your commentary on Lost! I am such a fan but am easily confused by all of the twists and turns and flash backs and flash forwards. I will continue checking your comments for clarification of my confusion!