Friday, August 24, 2007

How do I love thee, Dad?

For my husband's 50th birthday I asked our three sons to each compose a list of fifty observations about their dad. They could be memories, comments, etc. Just a list of fifty things. One was emailed to me and had rather formal language (the youngest son was about nineteen going on forty), another (after several reminders of the due date) rambled a bit, and the third was dicatated to me from a phone booth in Pocatello, Idaho. "We just finished our soccer game, Mom, and it's midnight, I'm barefooted and it's pouring rain, and have I said fifty things yet?"
Each list was so characteristic of the writer, it was choice. And the boys' comments reminded me that we often don't know what our children really think of us. The reflections were funny, honest, and touching.

There's a wonderful tribute at It's an out-of-season mother's day letter, which I highly recommend. I hope David Wooley's mother has read it by now. It's sure to bring a tear and a smile to her face. And it's not even Mother's Day, when we feel so obligated to come up with profound sentiments. This is a keeper. Check it out at

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