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By Small and Simple Things...

By Small and Simple Things
Lori Nawyn
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By Small and Simple Things is a book meant to be read one small section at a time. It is divided into twelve chapters, one for every month. Each month has a theme and every day of the month has a separate entry. The theme is developed with anecdotes and scriptures asl well as references to art, literature and history. Creative lists of activities designed to strengthen the principle are included in each chapter. While accomplishing everything on the list is not the goal, the reader can choose activities that appeal to them or meet a specific need. And, in a delicious conclusion to each chapter, Nawyn includes tempting recipes. Hint: February’s all use chocolate as a main ingredient.

There are many prompts for self-insight included in this book. Personally, I’m looking forward to tackling one of Nawyn’s challenges in particular: “Write who you are in 25 words or less.” Nawyn’s writing style is clear and concise. This is a positive and uplifting book and would make a perfect gift for the women in your life, regardless of age, and regardless of the season. Just turn to today’s date for an engaging, thought-provoking read. And when you’re done, you may want to start all over again.

Lori Nawyn

About the Author: 

Lori Nawyn’s award-winning fiction and nonfiction reflect her
desire to help others recognize their own unique talents and abilities
and overcome adversity. Her essays, articles, and short stories have
appeared in regional and national print publications, including the
Desert News, Outside Bozeman, Segullah, and the SCBWI Bulletin. She
is the author of the novel My Gift to You. Her book for girls and
women, Fill Your Day with Hope, was released August 2013. An artist
and graphic designer, she is also the illustrator of the book Love, Hugs,
and Hope: When Scary Things Happen. Lori believes in the wisdom
taught by her grandmothers: if your heart is in the right place, your
hands can work miracles. She is the mother of four, grandmother of
four, and is married to a fireman.

Other titles by Lori Nawyn

Fill Your Day with Hope (August 2013)
Love, Hugs, and Hope: When Scary Things Happen (September 2013)
Peachy: A Harvest of Fruity Goodness (September 2013)
By Small and Simple Things (December 2014)
The Great American Family Reunion Cookbook (March 2014)

Twitter: @LoriNawyn

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