Monday, April 15, 2013

Hedgebrook Day Seven: Going home and making some resolutions

(The last in a series of posts about the week I spent at Hedgebrook Writers Retreat for Women on Whidby Island off the coast of Washington in December 2012)

the blue Dutch door  of "my" Willow Cottage

the office. where they take care of administrative details, and you'll usually find
 a  happy dog who comes to work with a staff member.

the barn, where larger groups meet for readings and social events

for internet access, residents visit the pump house

or the farmhouse . . . 

...because you won't find it in the cottages. 

So, having spent a peaceful, serene week with my laptop and my thoughts in a cozy little cottage in the forest, the challenge is how to carry the spirit of Hedgebrook home with me. 

I will continue to downsize and declutter, especially in my office, 
which should be a writing sanctuary. 

I can designate certain hours as internet-free.

And I can simply take the phone off the hook during prime writing hours. 
After all, that's why we have an answering machine. 


Jenniffer Wardell said...

You’ve been tagged for the Liebster Award! Check out the details here:

Shaunda said...

What a wonderful experience, Janet! The retreat resort looks beautiful and relaxing. So shall we be seeing the fruits of your labor from your retreat in print someday?