Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Writing from a dog's point of view . . . and getting weepy

Gentle Readers:

I am working on my third novel, and one of the major characters is a Golden Retriever named Grace. She's a service dog, a Hurricane Katrina survivor, and also a READ dog (she listens to children who are learning to read. I am not kidding---dogs are trained to do this and they are wonderful). I am even writing a scene from her point of view (a dog does have a point of view).

Here's the problem: We are currently without any pets at all, after 18 years of having the love and companionship of a dog. I will be getting a new dog (I hope to find a rescue animal that needs me as much as I need her) at the end of the summer, depending on travel plans. I don't want to get a new pet now and then have to leave her for several weeks before she feels secure in our home.

Anyway, whenever I try to write in Grace's
 point of view I get weepy. Ask my critique group. I was a mess last week when I tried to read the chapter out loud.

I hope readers will be touched by Grace's story when the book eventually sees the light of day. Here's a picture of what I think Grace looks like. The glasses are added for effect, but after all, she is a READ Dog.


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CTW said...

I don't know if you were a mess, but you were predictably a little emotional.