Thursday, December 13, 2012

A day at Hedgebrook Part One

This is the very functional kitchen in the Willow Cottage, where I stayed. It was stocked with one plate, one bowl, two glasses, one mug, a small refrigerator, a hot plate, a teapot, a coffee press, and a toaster oven. In the cupboards were a few utensils, a wine cork, and towels. 

Every evening we'd carry our baskets down to the farmhouse (about a 5 minute walk down a gravel path) where we'd be fed a lovely organic meal. Then we'd stock up on breakfast items (all healthy, of course) and whatever the chef had prepared for the next day's lunch. Often it was soup and salad with artisan bread, with fruit and cheese. It isn't possible to go hungry at Hedgebrook. 

The cookie jar was never empty, and Johnnie's raisin cookies were to die for. 

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