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Book Review: Be Successful in School - - - A great stocking stuffer for students!

Be Successful in School
A Student’s Guide for Junior High and High School
Tyler Matthew Ricks and Marie Calder Ricks

My parents each had about a year of college before World War 11 interrupted their plans. Later in life they went back to college with my two older sisters, and both earned master’s degrees. I could see first-hand how hard they worked to achieve their educational goals and I was very proud of them for never giving up, even though both worked full-time and went to school part-time. I was in junior high at the time, the only child left at home, so I heard a steady diet of higher education conversation at the table every night. There was no question about college for me. The only questions were where I would go, what scholarships and financial aid I could earn, and what my field would be.

My three sons tell me that college was never a question for them, just as it never was for me. I’m thrilled that they have earned twelve higher education degrees (three associate’s, four bachelor’s, four and a half master’s degrees, and an M.D.) among the three of them, with at least one more master’s in process, so I’d have to say our example and encouragement plus their natural gifts and a lot of hard work and student loans helped them get there. However, I think the whole process it would have been a little simpler if we’d all had this handy manual to guide us through those challenging junior high and high school years.

In Be Successful in School by Tyler and Marie Ricks, this dynamic mother-son duo cover what it takes to be successful in secondary school. Chapter headings include Life after Graduation, Why You’re Doing All of This, How to Believe in Yourself, How to Get A’s All the Time, How to Smart Without Being a Nerd, Extracurricular Activities, How to Pass Any Test, What Equipment to Bring, Having a Good Home Environment, Hobbies that Help in School, How to Deal with Adults, When You Mess Up, How to Deal with Teachers, Preparing for Graduation, How To Have Fun.

“Truly successful students find their own way in school,” Tyler writes. “They think, analyze, and form goals that will help them accomplish what they need to gain in their own environment . . . A great man once said it was amazing what people will do to not think. Thinking is one of the hardest activities you can participate in. Many students try to find an easy way through school by trying to never think about their own potential success.”

Tyler is more than qualified to pen a book on being a successful student, as he is one himself. When the book went to press this award-winning student was pursuing an advanced degree in animation. He comes from a multi-talented family of four sons. His mother, Marie, is a professional organizer who has a website, and it is truly wonderful. Spending time there is well worth the investment. Visit her at . One of my favorite downloads is the Twenty-Year Map Form “to plan out your family’s goals, activities, and potential accomplishments. It will help you get a pacing and a head’s up about what you can expect in the future. Then, you can plan accordingly.” In other words, think bucket list, and then think of a twenty-year bucket list. Just imagine the focus you could have developed if you’d had this chart twenty years ago! It’s only natural that Marie and her son would focus on success in school as part of an organized, successful life.

Organized people save time and effort. Organization reduces stress. (Think of the time we’ve wasted searching for lost items, etc.!) Good organizational habits are very important for students to learn. This book also encourages students to think of future accomplishments and goals that can be accomplished by learning to be successful students now.

On Marie’s website there are many more free and useful charts and calendars, etc. for free download. Marie’s publications include:The Children You Want with the Kids You Have, House of Order Handbook, Organized For a Mission, a Guide for Parents and Missionaries, Organize As You Go, Project Organization, Master Menu Cookbook, and Be Successful in School, A Student Guide for Junior High and High School.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Marie, and she generously shares her unique gifts for organization and personal and home management through workshops, publications, her website, publications, and radio and television appearances. She is always developing new and creative approaches to a rich and satisfying lifestyle. I cannot recommend her website or books highly enough.

Tuck a copy of Be Successful in School in your student’s Christmas stocking this year. They'll appreciate it.

Be Successful in School, A Student’s Guide for Junior High School and High School
By Tyler Matthew Ricks and Marie Calder Ricks 
Pages: 163
Price: $14.95
©2010 Tyler Matthew Ricks
Publisher: Marie Calder Ricks
13: 978-0-9788579-5-0

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