Friday, December 2, 2011

More jello haikus - and then I'll quit

Somehow, Jello, and especially green Jello, is associated with Utah, which appears to be in the geographical "Jello belt." The green Jello 2002 Olympic pin was the most coveted of them all. I think the media just needed something to talk about during the 2002 Olympics -  Polygamy (they couldn't find any polygamists), green Jello and fry sauce. Not together. Blech.

Here are two more Jello haikus, and I promise I won't post any more until next year. 

Hail to thee, Jello
Biodegradable treat
That's right - Utah's green.

Baby's first Jello
Cool, slippery, surprising
Pampers - the new green

1 comment:

Janet Kay Jensen said...

and now that I read them, I can see why my haikus weren't winners!