Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Book Review: The Santa Exclusive by Brent Boswell

Review of The Santa Exclusive, a Christmas novella, by Brent Boswell

Life has gone downhill since veteran journalist Ran Anderson won a Pulitzer prize. Thirty-something, the town’s most eligible bachelor and alcoholic, he’s started to phone in his stories. In addition, he has a grudge about all things Christmas and believes it’s the cause of great fiscal irresponsibility and does nothing at all for global concerns – the tragedies we hear about every day. Then Ran is invited to conduct and up-front and personal interview with Santa himself, and he jumps at the chance. He’s got plenty of “gotcha” questions for Santa, but before he can ask many of them, he gets a glimpse into Santa’s world and Santa turns the tables on him. A feeling of dread overcomes Ran and he wonders if he’s going to see three ghosts . . . but Santa reassures him he’s not part of a Dickens tale. “You needed a healing - - - a miracle, actually,” he tells Ran. And after their conversation Ran concludes the interview with a new mindset about humanity- - and the responsibilities of being human. The Santa Exclusive by Brent Boswell is an engaging tale of humanity and hope that doesn’t get too sentimental in the telling.

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