Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lost Again . . . and loving it

Ok, first, sorry for the "undefined" title that I can't seem to eliminate. Working on it. I don't want to install a new template!

re "Lost:" Nice to see Desmond back in a storyline! I especially liked the way Daniel Faraday aka Widmore, Charles Widmore, Eloise Widmore aka Hawking, Penny, and Charlie Pace were woven into it. Am I crazy for wanting a happy ending for some of the Losties? Desmond is a great character, and Cusick has the accent, the hair, the eyes, the smile . . . oh, and he's also a good actor. But after last week's promo, I was expecting Amazing Grace on bagpipes, Hurley in the cemetery, a Sun and Jin reunion, Stonehenge, and someone else dying. Huh?

I get confused by the sideways time shifts (is that what they're called?) but love seeing the characters playing different parts. The Dr. Ben Linus episode was especially enjoyable for that reason. I don't know if it solved any mysteries for me, though.

I'm kinda concrete and literal. What I'd like to learn:
1) who is Penny's mum?
2) who the heck are Jacob and the Man in Black?
3) what was the sore on Jack's neck?
4) in the hotel, why did Sun look at herself in the mirror as if surprised?
5) it's perfect for Sawyer to be a cop in another life. Didn't see that one coming. And when you look beyond the dimples and the grin and the seductive voice, Josh Holloway is a fine actor, not to mention good-looking.

6) I really like Terry O'Quinn's portrayal of the Bad aka Smokey guy. He is just brilliant. Scary as all get-out. And who was the scary mother he talked about? He only met his biological mom as an adult . . . . And couldn't they have found a better term than "smoke monster?" I just stumble over that one. It's just so . . Flash Gordon. "Vengeful Column of Black Smoke" comes to mind as a better name.

7) And speaking of brilliant, add Michael Emerson and Nestor Carbonel to the list. I'm glad we finally learned more about Richard Alpert.
8) I miss Juliet. Wonder if there's any chance we'll see her again? After all, Elizabeth Mitchell is doing a show with "Penny" and "Charlie" on ABC . . .

9) Oh, and toothy bad guy Keamy came back. He is really a great bad guy.
10) And as for the female characters - well, we really haven't seen too much of them lately. Let's hear it for the ladies!
11) Anybody else think we've waited too long for Sun and Jin to find each other? And isn't Jin's English remarkable?
12) I loved seeing Bernard and Rose living on the island by themselves - retired to their own bungalow by the sea . . . with Winston.

13) As usual, Kate, Jack and Hurley remain strong characters (and actors).

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