Friday, January 27, 2012

The angel chorus


When at night I go to sleep,
Fourteen angels watch do keep.
Two my head are guarding.
Two my feet are guiding
Two are at my right hand.
Two are at my left hand.
Two who warmly cover.
Two who o'er me hover.
Two to whom 'tis given
To guide my steps to Heaven.

This picture is about two years old. It's one of my favorites,
and this song has been playing in my head since I posted a picture of
Hansel and Gretel last week.

The Angel Chorus is from the opera "Hansel and Gretel"
by Engelbert Humperdink.

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Pam Williams said...

This is a sweet picture! There's nothing like watching a new dad. Love the new look of your blog, too. I haven't seen it for a while due to moving and tripping, (see my blog for details) and unpacking and relearning Utah Valley, but it was great fun to read through the entries today and get caught up. When my daughter was in college she got a part in the Utah Opera production of Hansel and Gretel one Christmas season as one of the shadow cast doing the sign language interpretation on stage, costumes and all. It's been one of my favorites since then, especially the angel chorus.