Thursday, June 4, 2009

Keys Locked in Car Contest!

We've all done it. Most of us more than once. So - - - since I did it just this morning, I thought there would be some great stories out there about people locking their keys in the car.

Some recommendations:

I would not recommend trying to find a locksmith over Memorial Day Weekend. Just can't be done.

Also, I do not recommend leaving two dogs in the car for just one moment, keys in the ignition, motor running, to take 5 steps to the mailbox. Who knew dogs could lock the doors?

Please post your best, worst, funniest stories about locking keys in cars. There will be prizes!
Thanks, Janet

Update: Send in your entries by June 15.


Danyelle Ferguson said...

We've had my hubby's car for four years now - with only one set of keys. I've often reminded my hubby that he needed to go to the dealership to order another set They're one of those fancy sets that are computerized and a total pain! They're also expensive to order duplicates. Being the frugal penny-pincher of our family, he never ordered another set . . . and finally fate caught up to us! My hubby came home from work, was busy talking to the kids instead of paying attention to unloading his car. After dinner, my hubby needed to get some work documents out of his car - and discovered the keys locked on the front seat along with his work documents! He had a work deadline in two hours. We made a few phone calls to locksmiths and 30 minutes and $75 later, he had both the keys and his work docs. The next morning, his first stop was to the dealership to order another set of keys!

J Lugo said...

I used to lock my keys in the car on a regular basis. So, when I bought a Ford Expedition, I was thrilled that it has a keypad -- I would never have to call a cop, my husband, or a locksmith again!

And ever since I got my fancy keypad door lock on my truck, I've never locked my keys in the car. Go figure.

Tristi Pinkston said...

My husband has locked his keys in the car on numerous occasions. In fact, he now carries a spare key in his wallet for that very inevitability. I'm the extra-cautious one and I've never locked the keys in.

I did, however, think I did, once.

It was right after I had a c-section, and I was out grocery shopping for the first time since the surgery. I had my mother and my new baby with me, and we drove over in my van. I had been out of commission for a while and the food levels in the house were pretty pathetic, so I got a lot of food and the cart was full. I dug in the diaper bag for my keys, only I couldn't find them.

My mom got an employee and the two of them proceeded to try to break into the van. Hangers were used. All sorts of odd contraptions were designed. I sat in the entryway of the store with the baby, feeling terribly stupid.

Then I felt even more stupid when I realized that I had thrown the keys in a different pocket of the diaper bag and we weren't locked out at all.

So, I never have locked the keys in the car. But I still have been plenty embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

Early 1970s. I just bought a brand new 8-track tape player for my 1969 Mustang, but could only install it on the floor, so it was easily stealable. Almost broke after the purchase and MAYBE enough for a meal at McDonalds, I shoplifted from Grand Way a set of those cone-shaped door lock thingies so that someone could not break in with a wire/coat hanger, pull up the door lock and steal it. I installed them and locked the car and went into McD's for a bite to eat.

Yep, you guessed it. I came out and went to the car and wouldn't you know it, I could not find my keys. Looked in the car and there they were in the ignition! Of course I could not use a wire/hanger to get into my own car because I JUST installed the anti-theft locks.

Must have been the fastest Thou Shalt Not Steal lesson ever learned.

Mike from Cat's Guestbook

Christine said...

My parents were on vacation, my son was an infant.... I had a craving for cookies but had none in my house, but my parents left a box of chocolate cookies in their pantry.
In my garage, I put my purse on my seat, I loaded my infant son into his car seat, set the lock and closed the door!
Realizing what I did, I called the police, who told me they do not do car locks and I would need a locksmith. I told them, I had an infant craying in the front seat. They came out right away getting my poor baby out.
I decided cookies were not worth it after that!

Katie Parker said...

I have some fun stories about times (yes, multiple times) that I've locked myself out of our house or apartment over the years. And times when I've "lost" my keys and had people looking everywhere for them, including the dumpster, only to find them later in my coat pocket. But the time I actually locked all of our keys in the car, we were about to hike the Narrows at Zions National Park. I didn't have any pockets in what I was wearing, so I'd already put my keys away carefully in the car. My husband let me use his key to open the trunk for some last-minute rummaging around--making sure we had everything, making sure I was wearing the shoes I wanted, and so forth. I set the key down while I took care of my business. When I finished, there was a split second between the time that I slammed the trunk lid and the time that it actually latched where I suddenly realized that I'd left our only key in the trunk! Of course, the split second was not long enough for me to have a second realization that I really should stop the lid from closing and grab that key! I felt very sheepish as I told my husband what I'd done. Our solution? We went on our hike anyway. When we came back, we had to involve the park service in unlocking our car. And they had to involve a highly technical device known as a coat hanger. It left little scratches on our newly tinted windows, and the fancy security locks were tricky to get past. But they did finally get our car open.

Laurie LC Lewis said...

My little three-year-old daughter was having her ballet recital in the school cafeteria on a cold, rainy day. Rather than drag my infant baby through the weather, I parked next to cafeteria door and stood in the doorway beside my warm, running car to watch my daughter dance. At the end of the program I realized I had accidentally locked the door. Now my baby is in a car with the engine running and I can't reach my husband, (coaching our son in basketball) to bring an extra set of keys. Someone managed to work the coat hanger trick, but I looked and felt like an neglectful parent/idiot that day.

Wanna hear about the time my two-year-old totaled a car and wrecked a church? I'll save that one for another day.

Crystal said...

I locked my keys in the car once at the worst possible time. It was a hot sunny day, I was only 19 and I was watching my little nephew (at the time he was 2). I'd just run into a building to drop something off before running back out and realizing my keys and my little nephew were both in the car. I started crying becuase what else does a 19 year old girl do in such a situation? Fortunately, there was a guy in the parking lot who came over and helped me break into my car. I was so grateful and relieved I didn't even ask what he was doing driving around with just the right combination of tools to get into cars with.

Amber Argyle-Smith said...

I was helping my neighbor pack her house for the big move to Alabama, when some people showed up to look at her house. They'd driven about two hours to get there. Sure enough, they locked their keys in the car.

They decided it was a sign. They're moving in next month.

Liz Adair said...

You'll have to go to my blog to read about my most memorable key-locking-inside moment. It's at