Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Catching up!

Our "Finnish children" were here for 2 weeks (#2 son and his wife) for a great visit and this week our #1 son has been here with Darling Granddaughter. How we will miss them. Somewhere during that time our DVR died. I have caught up with "Lost" on the internet.

Here are some random thoughts about the last few episodes:

I have always thought that "The Monster" or "Smokey" was a silly thing to call whatever it is. The name feels more Flash Gordon-ish to me, not sophisticated sci-fi drama-esque. Surely the writers could have come up with a better name for it.

Finally we learned more about Miles and his connection to the island. For the longest time "I know where dead people are buried" didn't seem like a reason for him to hang around. Then we learned who his daddy was . . . the scenes with the father-son issues that Hurley forced Miles to address were well done. Everything with Hurley is well done.
I do like the fact that sometimes our questions are being answered now. Now if we can get some backstory on Richard Alpert! I think he's a fabulous character, and throughout the series we've gotten little teasers about him here and there, but I want to know more! And the actor does not wear eyeliner. He's just got very thick black lashes and gorgeous eyes. And he doesn't dress like an Other or a Hostile. Hmmmm.

When are people going to speak Latin again?

Oh, poor Daniel Faraday! Miserable childhood - - - but what would you expect with those parents? Didn't his mother know that math and music go hand in hand? He could have been brilliant at both. Music would have made him even stronger in math, and vice versa. Tsk, tsk, Mrs. Hawking. And how dreadful that she actually shot Daniel. Maybe with the time shifts he's not "really" dead. You never know. And we learned that he tested one of his theories on Teresa, his college girlfriend -we got a brief glimpse of her in a hospital bed, unconscious, early in the season.

How come Faraday doesn't have a British accent?

And how did Des nearly die - - - I mean, he gave Ben a beating and then a baptism. Next thing we know he's being rushed to the hospital. Guess that half-gallon of milk didn't stop Ben's bullet after all. Interesting that Ben has a weakness for children. His one vulnerability. What a brilliant villain he is, played by a brilliant actor. And to think that I used to be afraid of Darth Vader!

One medical detail has been bothering me . . . John Locke had a compound fracture, a messy one, and it was just below his knee. That would mean a full-leg cast. He's not on the island, where injuries heal so fast . . . he's in a no-frills hospital in Tunisia. Widmore said he'd flown in a specialist "to reset it." That would mean surgery and plates and screws and a full leg cast - not the basic to-the-knee cast John wore. And he'd be in agony. Plus, we never saw him stick a kitchen implement down inside his cast to scratch the itches.

- - - Speaking as one who's had reconstructive ankle surgery. I did like John's blue cast. Mine was black.

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