Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Lost": The Hootenanny's Over

Well, I am having a blast bouncing back and forth between 1974-77 on The Island. Cuz I LIVED the Seventies. In fact, I finished my master's degree in 1973 and then went to work at my my very first real job.

A brief diversion: A few years ago I convinced my youngest son (for about a nanosecond) that his father and I met at Woodstock. For that brief moment he had the coolest parents on the planet and he'd never realized it. I'll never let him forget The Day Mom Pulled One Over on Him.

Meanwhile, back to the Other Island, where Sun whacks Ben over the head with an oar: Good one, Sun! No wonder Ben's in the infirmary.

And poor Sayid's just beginning to realize he's in some kind of
terrible time warp. First, there was Jin in a Dharma
jumpsuit, speaking excellent English, pointing a rifle at him.
Not exactly the "Namaste" welcome. Then there was
bespectacled Sawyer (aka Jim LaFleur) as Head of Security.
And the clincher was meeting Young Ben. That should keep Sayid awake at night for a while.

Benjamin Linus
And speaking of being awake at night, I loved Sawyer's (aka Jim LaFleur) remark that he understood Churchill had read a book a night, even during the blitz. Helped him think. And now that's what Sawyer (aka . . .) says he does: he thinks. I couldn't tell what book he was reading last week or this week, though.

Amy's going to name her new baby . . . Ethan!
Something I didn't understand until I saw one of the recent "enhanced" episodes with subtitles: Michael died when the freighter exploded. How did I miss that? I know the actor is on a new abc show, but still, Des and Jin did get off the freighter. Christian did appear just before the explosion, telling Michael "You can go now," but Christian's presence doesn't always mean somebody's going to die.

The Island is evidently crawling with bright blue Volkswagen Dharma busess. Who knew Juliet was an expert mechanic?

We have finally arrived at the long-anticipated Quadrangle: Juliet, Sawyer (aka Jim LaFleur), Kate and Workman Jack (who evidently had a very low score on his aptitude tests. I laughed out loud at that one, detecting a bit of revenge on Sawyer's part). So now everybody's trying to remember who they should know and who they shouldn't, and play along.

I had to smile at the hair. Hurley, of course, has perfect 70's hair and so does Kate. I guess the producers had Matthew Fox grow his a bit, because it was NOT cool for a guy to sport a short 'do back then. The only boys in my high school who had short hair were the football players. I guess the coaches fed them some line about their helmets fitting better over short hair, so they had regular "buzzing" parties during the season but put away the shears after football was over.

Poor Sun and Lapidus, though - - turns out they're not even in the Class of 1977. Either that or they were absent on Picture Day, but judging by the state of the compound, 1977 was a long time ago. Speaking of missing classmates, where did Faraday go? We've seen Miles but no sign of the flaky physicist in this episode. When Jack asked about Faraday, Sawyer said he "wasn't around anymore." Hmmm. Looks like Christian's going to take Sun and Lapidus on a long, sentimental journey.

I hope it's accompanied by plenty of Three Dog Night songs - Remember Hurley starting the blue Dharma van in an earlier season, and the song we heard was "Shambala?"

One of the songs we heard this week was "Ride Captain Ride" and I couldn't remember who sang it, if I ever knew in the first place. Turns out it was Blues Image, a group that had a short lifespan. Here are the lyrics, and I'll leave you to find any symbolism you choose (remembering that it could just be a song about 73 men who sailed up from the San Francisco Bay . . .)

Seventy-three men sailed up

From the San Francisco Bay

Rolled off of their ship

And here's what they had to say

We're callin' everyone to ride along

To another shore

We can laugh our lives away

And be free once more

But no one heard them callin'

No one came at all

Cause they were too busy watchin'

Those old raindrops fall

As a storm was blowin'

Out on the peaceful sea

Seventy-three men sailed off

To history

Ride, captain ride

Upon your mystery ship

Be amazed at the friends

You have here on your trip

Ride captain ride

Upon your mystery ship

On your way to a world

That others might have missed . . .

Namaste, Jim!

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