Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tonight's "Lost" - - I knew it!

I just knew Jin could not be dead. Sure, we saw the freighter blow up at the end of Season 4, but there were just too many reasons to keep him around. Then we saw the raft full of French-speaking castaways. I thought, hmm, who do we know who speaks French. Of course, our resident Mistress of the Booby Traps. And then a young, pregnant Danielle Rousseau introduced herself to the newly-rescued Jin, and he did look quite confused. But for once I wasn't confused. The raft did seem rather high tech, though, for that era.

Kate and Sun in happier times

After last week's episode, I knew Sun had it in for Kate. She holds Kate responsible for Jin's "death." Won't she be surprised when all their watches are synched. I don't know about you, but when someone sends me chocolates, they're just chocolates. I prefer Bluebird Chocolates, by the way, made in Logan, Utah (hand-dipped). And no cherries, please. My favorite centers are orange and lemon, and I prefer milk chocolate. Just in case anyone's thinking of buying a pound or so for me.
I have a few questions:

Will anyone ever remind Ben that Alex wasn't really his daughter? He seems to enjoy tormenting Kate about Aaron - that he's not her biological son. Of course, tormenting people is one of Ben's hobbies.
Shouldn't Richard Alpert's compass be slightly off-kilter? And isn't it way cool that he just does not age?

Didn't ya love the look on Sawyer's face when he was watching the scene with Kate and Claire? Yep, he's still holding a torch for Freckles.

Ya just gotta love Sawyer. And I'm enjoying his scenes with Juliet - he confides more in her than he has in anyone else. She is one of my favorite characters. And she speaks Latin! Plus, she kicked Ben out of Book Club. Anyone who kicks Ben out of Book Club can join my Book Club. We meet on the third Wednesday of each month.

I was also very impressed that Juliet got off the sub looking freshly groomed, still in her high heels. And right after her ex got flattened by a bus, no less. And he did deserve it, though I admit, his "accident" was uncanny timing. Somehow I think Richard had something to do with the bus and the timing.

I had to laugh when one of the Others (the one Faraday seemed to know from a future life) turned to Sawyer and said "I suppose you're from the future, too?" and then he glared at Faraday and said, "You told her?" As if the whole thing wasn't sounding ludicrous enough already.

Speaking of Freckles, which we were a few paragraphs ago, will Kate ever forgive Jack for luring her to the docks, only to be met by the rest of the Oceanic Six (well, Hugo's not there yet, is he? Seems we last saw him in an orange jumpsuit, happy to be headed to a jail cell) and Ben? And aren't we all glad Jack finally shaved?

In the picture with Kate (below) can't you just hear her say, "By the way, Jack, I hope you don't ever grow a beard when you get off the island, when you really, really mess up your life. Nothing more than a goatee. Otherwise, I think you'd look like Saddam Hussein. I like you just the way you are, that is, when I'm not confused by my feelings for Sawyer."

And speaking of Sawyer, any guesses as to what he said to Kate before he jumped (heroically) out of the helicopter? That was such a romantic gesture, launching himself into the ocean to save the rest of the passengers (well, Kate in specific). I think he was telling her where to find his daughter, Clementine, the one he denied fathering. We all knew he was the Daddy, and he wants Kate to do right by Clementine. Little Miss Clementine has a hefty bank account thanks to Daddy, and I'm guessing Kate is seeing that Clementine is doing all right. Sawyer (Or James, as Juliet likes to call him), is certainly developing a conscience these days. And a fierce loyalty to his fellow Losties. Makes ya love him even more.

Don't you think physicist Daniel Faraday's tie is just . . . well, just perfect for his personality and profession? Even when the island's social affairs call for casual island attire, Daniel's still wearing his dapper skinny tie.

Will we see the mysterious but oh-so-competent Mr. Norton (Ben's attorney) again in future episodes? I really like the actor who plays Norton. And if he's not time-traveling, Norton works mighty fast. He seemed to morph from Claire's mom's motel room to the jail parking terrace (where he'd managed to fix all of Hugo's legal problems) in the space of just a few minutes. That wouldn't be much of a billable hour. Maybe Ben's just got him on retainer. If he's smart, and I think he is, he gets paid in advance, in cash. I don't know if there are any islands on the bank. I haven't noticed any.

By the way, for some great "Lost" humor, visit Abel Keogh's website. He's posted some youtube videos that are hilarious. Don't miss the one with Sawyer's nicknames.

Ben Linus, aka
Henry Gale, Hot
Air Balloon Crasher
And we assume he
speaks Latin, too!

Why haven't we heard the Others speak Latin before now, I wonder? And as their leader, John's got some studying to do!


abel said...

Hate to say it but I was disappointed that Jin returned. I thought Sun became a stronger person w/o him.

And is Jin shifting in time with everyone else?

I am glad to see Danielle Rousseau's story. I've been wanting that for a LONG time.

Janet Kay Jensen said...

Hey, Abel - I thought Sun was going to continue to get stronger with or without Jin, and that he respected her strength, after they reconciled on the island . . . it would appear he's shifting in time, too, as Sawyeer & Co. come across the wreckage of Danielle's party on the beach . . .

I'm wondering when Jin will get to meet his daughter, as she's evidently in Korea when the Oceanic Six assemble. Unless Ben's brought her, too.

It's definitely time we learned about Danielle's history and the mysterious disease that killed all but Danielle.

Plus, it looks like Des and Penny and little Charlie are headed for the island, too.

That should be quite a reunion.

And how they're going to undead John I'm sure I don't know.