Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Lost" . . . brought to you by...?

Locke's ready to make the final sacrifice
Note: now that I've watched the show w/o interruption, corrections are in green! And I have to download this week's show because my DVR doesn't recognize that TWO episodes are shown each Wednesday night, so it only records the first, which is the repeat. I'll wrestle with it again.

Say what, Jacob?
OK, I'll have to watch tonight's episode again, as I got interrupted about 10 times during "Lost ". . . but Jacob (Christian) (nope, my oops, Christian says he's Jacob's spokesman) had a line that seemed to explain it all. everything, from the plane's mechanical malfunctions, the crash to the island to the strange sicknesses, and even Smoky the Monster (truly, I've seen better monsters in my day and I don't know how essential this one has really been to the plot. Oh, sure, he's offed a few characters, but otherwise has no personality to speak of).

Anyway, when John asked how to get off the island and Jacob said something about "windows," well, there you have it. Now, really, wouldn't you expect a more creative solution than that? I wonder if he's referring to XP? I suspect he is, because Vista wouldn't have been out yet, just 90 days after the crash. Or maybe it was available in 2003.

So has this just been a huge four-year buildup for Microsoft's newest operating system?

Say it ain't so, Jacob! OK, OK, really, it just struck me as funny, with the emphasis on the word "windows." I know the producers wouldn't treat us in the uncaring way Microsoft does. And why did Ben move the island if John was supposed to do it?
Rousseau and Friends
But thinking of Microsoft and computer problems did make me wonder if everyone in Rousseau's camp might have been sickened by a virus. Really, it was shocking the way that storyline played out, and it all happened so quickly (French subtitles and all) that the characters weren't even developed before they were corpses.

Soggy violins

I loved the violin being rescued and left to dry on the beach, but what was its significance? We hear a sad violin theme when people die on "Lost" but that happens nearly every episode. So maybe a violin is just a violin.

Miles and his hoodie

On to more pressing matters. I haven't figured out why Miles is essential to the plot. Sure, he "feels dead people" but what's new about that on this island? We have yet to see a real need for his special skills. I find it interesting that he's now the one pulling the hoodie over his head, reminding me of Charlie.
Waiting for Hugo: And I wondered why Kate and Aaron didn't hop in the van with Jack and Sun and Ben. Well, yes, the fact that Kate hates Ben, with good reason, could have been one reason. But everybody hates Ben. Unless somebody left their keys in the car, though, Kate and Aaron are stranded, without any fries and catsup for Aaron. Plus, Kate is wearing THE most impractical shoes for travel, and I don't think Jack had time to pack, either. Sayid's there at the docks, too, so maybe he and Kate are catching up on old times or playing "Go Fish" with Aaron. OK, bad pun, but I'm really tired. We're still waiting for Hugo to get sprung from the slammer to complete the Oceanic Six, so maybe they're hanging around to wait for him?

(OK, so I saw Kate grab Aaron from Sun's car and then I think she drove off in a hurry. Sayid just walked away, didn't want anything to do with the whole "we have to go baaaaaaaack!" idea. The captions they add on repeat episodes - I'm a slow learner- are really helpful, too. Sayid has been assassinating (or at least he thinks this is his mission) people Widmore has been sending to off the Oceanic Six. Since it's been under Ben's direction, I'm sure it's particularly annoying, plus it went against everything Sayid didn't want to be anymore. But now there seems to be more of a reason if he thinks he was protecting his fellow Losties. And is Ben a veterinarian?)

Shouldn't Jack and Des ("See you in another life, brothah") have been surprised to see each other in front of Mrs. Hawking's church? (is her name a tribute to Steven Hawking, or do I have the spelling right?) Speaking of computers, as mine has been giving me fits today, thank you very much, Microsoft, the ones in the basement of her church are ancient, like the ones in . . . the hatches. (And Des has really, really great hair, have you noticed?)

I was happy to see Jin reunited with the gang, who could explain a bit of time travel to him, and also tickled to see Sawyer's genuine joy when he saw Jin. Ben didn't give Sun the wedding ring from Jin (supposedly proof that Jin is alive, although Jin said to tell her it was proof he was dead and buried, just a slight distortion by Ben) until they got to the church. Wonder why he didn't give it to her on the docks?

Korean and Klingon
And I had forgotten that Charlotte spoke Korean (in addition to Klingon). Wonder how that fits in with her background, but I don't know if we're going to see a Charlotte-centric episode or not. Given tonight's events it doesn't seem too likely, unless they to into yet another time warp where she's perfectly healthy.

It's rather amusing how one character will just touch his/her upper lip to politely tell another "You've got a nosebleed." Rather like a formal banquet when you try to let someone know, tactfully, that they have broccoli between their teeth.

Hmmmm, Charlotte seemed to remember Faraday as a crazy old man. Wonder who HER daddy was? And why she can't remember her maiden name (Lewis). She did say that she and her Mum left the island and returned to England, leaving Daddy with the Dharmas.

That was one mean compound fracture Locke had. Christian said he couldn't help him up - is that because Christian's, well, dead?

With those thoughts and questions, I'll say good night. We're heading out of town in the morning, to visit with Our Funny Valentine, our 18 month old granddaughter. Grammy and Poppy love you, PJ (and your parents, too), and we can't wait for those hugs and kisses.

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