Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I love book clubs

I love Lost. I'm often, well, lost, and I miss a lot of the literary and historical references, but I'm still addicted to the show. Remember the book club in New Othertown? Just before the plane crashed? Villain Ben realizes he hadn't been invited.

"I guess that means I've been kicked out of the book club," he says when he sees the Others emerge from Juliet's house, incriminating copies of the book in hand.

Anyway, I loved this cartoon.

And I love my neighborhood book club, The Wednesday Afternoons Book Club. We read good books and every month we meet for stimulating discussions and chocolate. That makes for a perfect Wednesday afternoon for me.


Karlene said...

I love book clubs too. I used to be part of one, but then it got absorbed into an RS group and all they read are inspiring church books--which is fine, but I want to read fiction.

Jen said...

I would really love to have a good book club to participate in.

We had the same issue as Karlene with the one we did in RS> Not everyone agrees about what is appropriate, so all we end up reading is churchy stuff. Which is good, but not really the point.

Janet Kay Jensen said...

My ward RS started a reading group, too, and there is more "screening" when books are chosen. My solution is to belong to a neighborhood book club, too, where there aren't any limits except that the book must be worth reading.

Every year we choose a bio, historical book (fiction or non), YA, children's, classic - - we go for balance and that's always good. It makes you step out of the box and read something you might normally overlook. And I love to hear what people say about books, too. I learn from that.

Beryl Singleton Bissell said...

We've got great book clubs up here in Lake Superior Land . . . I belong to one that often selects lesser known women writers which expose us to such wonderful reading opportunities.

Congrat's Janet on all those awards for your new book. Wow. Sounds like I shall hit my local independent bookstore to see if they've got your book.

I couldn't access the entire address for your review of Bel Canto. Would you send a note to my blog www.berylsbissell.blogspot.com

Thanks Janet. By the way, I'm linking to this blog from mine.

ali said...

I haven't been to my book club in a long time probably mostly due to book club guilt.

I read a lot, but oftentimes not the book my club has selected, lol!

What's a girl to do? Go anyway, because I love to talk about books and talk to people who like books or stay away because the shame is just too great?

Anna Maria Junus said...

I belong to a book club, or belonged, I'm not sure which since I keep forgetting to go.

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