Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Some remarks from Marilyn Brown

Marilyn Brown is an accomplished novelist and sponsors a contest for unpublished manuscripts. The financial award helps these writers in their quest for publication. I received an honorable mention for Don't You Marry the Mormon Boys.

She wasn't one of the judges in this year's contest that she sponsors, but when I sent her a copy of my book to say thanks, she read it and gave me some feedback which was spot-on.

When I replied to thank her she said "Anyone who takes 'criticism' so graciously is on their way to success! I mean that. I was so glad to read your letter and realize I was staring at a potential successful novelist in the 'script.' Your attitude and work ethic all scream 'perseverance' to me, and I believe that is what it takes!"

Anyway, she was so kind to take the time to read my book and offer some constructive suggestions. Now if I could just fix what I know are some of my weaknesses . . .. . I'm keeping her correspondence in the scrapbook I have made about my book . . . .

And it's so good to have examples like Marilyn Brown around.


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