Friday, September 21, 2007

Working in my PJs

I have many bad habits. Some mornings I get out of bed and head straight for the computer. I check my email and my blog and favorite websites. I answer email and post on others’ blogs or discussion pages. Then I’ll open the work in progress and begin to type or edit. When I look at the clock it’s noon. One of these days someone is going to ring the doorbell and I’m going to be horribly embarrassed. Until then, I’m afraid it’s going to be pajamas until noon. And morning hair. Well, writers are supposed to be eccentric, right?


G. Parker said...

Gee...have you been watching my home?? lol I was giving my daughter a bad time the other day, and she teased me back saying I was till in my robe...well, but I'd been up since 6:30 am!!!
Those of us who work out of the home get to wear what we want, right? I like my robe! But it is embarrassing in the few times someone has come to the door that I know...sigh

Anna Maria Junus said...

Sounds like your wearing the writers uniform.