Friday, September 14, 2007

I've been tagged!

Carole Thayne Warburton tagged me. She had to explain what it meant. You're supposed to take the letters your middle name and find words that apply to you. Well, my middle name has three letters so that shouldn't be too hard. First, I should explain that use my middle name, Kay, when I publish, because Janet Jensen is about as generic a name as you will find in these parts. And there are now four generations in my family who share my middle name. But before I work on the letters, I remember an assignment we had in 3rd grade. The teacher told us to write a poem about our name. Well, there isn't much that rhymes with Janet, so this was all I could do:

My name is Janet.
I live on a planet.

Now for Kay:

K: I like to think I'm a kind person. I've been known to rescue birds and puppies and I try to drive courteously. That means I'll pause and let people pull in front of me in heavy traffic. The looks on their faces when I wave them on is worth it.

A: I wish I were more assertive. And I'm not good at confrontations. So I keep it inside and that's not healthy.

Antiques. I like them. Some days I feel like one.

Author: Yes! I can finally claim that attribute.

Aggie! I am one. USU has been good to me. The first time I snuggled with my new granddaughter, I whispered in her ear, "Go, Aggies! Go, Aggies!" It's never too early to plan your college education.

Some A words I wish I could claim: athlete, artist, actress.

Y: Yes! is a word I use carefully. I WILL NOT participate in fund raising. I hate, hate, hate it, and I hate being pestered by fund raisers, even by PBS, which I love. So I'm very careful not to get roped into anything that requires asking other people for money. I've learned to think before I say yes.

Y is not a good letter to draw when you're playing Scrabble.

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