Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Getting ready for publication

This is so exciting: I will have interviews or book reviews from Marsha Ward, Tristi Pinkston, Rachel Ann Nunes, and Charlene Hirschi of the Logan Herald Journal. And I have a good list of other contacts, thanks to Jaime at I hope to get a national review or two. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Release date is November, and most national reviewers want ARC or bound galleys 3-4 months in advance, so with the help of my most capable nephew (who's in Sci/Fi publishing) I will have the appropriate materials to send out. And I've received a copy of a press release from Jewel, which is a great example of how to write one. So while I'm in Ohio (being grandma!) I will be putting together a press kit.

The most important reason I'm going to Ohio, though, is to meet my beautiful new granddaughter, Paige (as if you haven't seen her pictures posted here). But I will also take my laptop!

And any of you experienced/published writers who'd like to make suggestions, please comment!
Now I've gotta pack!


Grammy Janet

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