Sunday, December 26, 2010

More exciting than a sleigh and eight tiny reindeer

Salt Lake Tribune December 25, 2010
Balloon carrying Santa blows away
by Nate Carlisle

This Santa Claus might want to stick to sleighs. A man in a Santa costume received a wild ride Friday when the hot air balloon carrying him blew across Midvale. The Santa and a pilot were supposed to land the balloon at Midvalley Elementary School as part of a fundraiser. But the balloon landed hard, and the pilot fell out of the basket, Midvale police Sgt. Torin Chambers said. With less weight in the basket, the balloon took off with the Santa still inside. The balloon traveled 1.7 miles before landing at Brighton Place Apartments. Chambers said citizens helped police hold it on the ground when it reached the apartments. "Everyone was strying to save Santa," Chambers said, adding that no one was injured.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Today's Writers Almanac

An interesting thought from author Amy Hempel:

"It comes back to the question, whom are you writing for? Who are the readers you want? Who are the people you want to engage with the things that matter most to you? And for me, it's people who don't need it all spelled out because they know it, they understand it. That's why there's so much I can't read because I get so exasperated. Someone starts describing the character boarding the plane and pulling the seat back. And I just want to say, Babe, I have been downtown. I have been up in a plane. Give me some credit."